Do you need a press release, press event, press office, influencer marketing, marketing or social campaign...
All target audiences can be persuaded if the right authorities are involved.
The largest YouTube blogging campaign in the public sector at that time!
By order of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, we attracted participants to a business incubator.
A nursery rhyme that saves lives!
Making the release of a new product an event is our competence!
Simply talking about complicated things is the highest professionalism!
Talking to young people about the importance of paying taxes requires audience recognised authorities and the right message.
We helped create a hype in the media and public spotlight about the opening of the iDeal Apple Premium Partner store, which lead to a long line to the store.
Strategic vision of the communication field is our strength.
We provide communication services not only in Latvia, but also in Lithuania and Estonia.
We know how to display your achievements impressively!
A message in the form of a song is a superior format that works great!
Complex issues need to be visualised!
Analogies in communication help to better understand the message.
We also organise events of varying complexity.
In just 2 weeks, the team of communication agency Olsen+Partners (formerly A.W.Olsen & Partners) planned and organised from "A" to "Z" a campaign for the 4F sportswear brand in Lithuania.
We often use the NUDGE approach, which assumes that it is best to deliver the message at the moment when the audience is as ready as possible to perceive and act on it.
The integrated marketing campaign "3 steps to safe roads in Latvia" was developed by communication agency Olsen+Partners (formerly A.W.Olsen & Partners) on the order of the Motor Insurers' Bureau of Latvia.
We are not just strong in influence marketing, but we also develop this field in Latvia.
Insurance is an issue that is always relevant, though we are ready to think about it only when something happens.
We put storytelling at the heart of this campaign.
This campaign is an example of how public sector messages compete for attention in the media landscape.
We create commercial videos of any complexity and specificity. In this case, we developed a package of videos and photos for advertising and the website of the Latvian cosmetics brand Response by Dr.Stavro.
As a newsworthy occasion for the Hartwall Original Long Drink brand, we organised an art project opened with a special party.
Both international and Latvian organisations highly value the quality of our press office, thanks to which they can develop media relations.
In the form of a game, we explain how to avoid injury!
Our experts are in demand as speakers at leading conferences on communication, business, management and development.
We like innovation, so we often supplement classic communication channels with the latest developments.
We are proud to create not only campaigns, but also movements!
We are strong in photography, video, copywriting, and design!
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Olsen+ Career

We cooperate with the best ones! If you have talent in public relations, marketing or advertising, developing strategies or creative ideas, graphic design, copywriting, creating content for social networks or project management, contact us as soon as possible by writing to vakance@olsen.lv.

Trust keepers

Since the establishment of Olsen+Partners (formerly A. W. Olsen & Partners) in 2005, the partners of the company have been systematically inviting the best communication experts to join the team, which allows them to quickly and qualitatively solve issues of various complexity and extent.
Gints Lazdins
Partner and co-founder

Since 2002, he has been advising organisations from the private, public and municipal sectors; initiated and directed the approval of several legislative initiatives; advises well-known companies in Latvia in crisis communication.

He has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master's degree in Cultural Management, which allows him to feel comfortable in various interdisciplinary projects; founded and managed regional and national non-governmental organisations, attracting funding of several million euros for the implementation of projects.

Olga Kazaka
Partner and co-founder

She has been working in the field of communication since the age of 15. She has a PhD in Communication Science, teaches courses related to Corporate Communication and Corporate Culture at the University of Latvia.

Olga Kazaka is the author of the "First PR Book" (published in Latvian and Russian languages), as well as dozens of scientific and business publications in the field of Corporate Communication; she is regularly invited as a speaker at various conferences and seminars, including international ones; as interviewee in media interviews, as well as juror of the international competitions.


The ideas developed and implemented by the Olsen+Partners team have won the most prestigious awards in the communication industry. Five times our campaigns have been recognised as the best in the world.
2021 Winner of `European Excellence Awards 2021’ in nomination ‘Change Communications’.
2021 Finalist at `European Excellence Awards 2021’ in category ‘ ‘Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia’.
2021 Finalist at `European Excellence Awards 2021’ in category ‘Social media’.
2021 Winner of `IPRA Golden World Awards (GWA) 2021` in nomination ‘Influencer management’.
2021 Winner of `IPRA Golden World Awards (GWA) 2021` in nomination ‘Social media’, ‘Influencer management’.
2021 Winner of `IPRA Golden World Awards (GWA) 2021` in nomination ‘Integration of traditional and new media’.
2021 Finalist at `IPRA Golden World Awards (GWA) 2021’ in category ‘public sector’.
2019 Finalist at `European Excellence Awards 2019’ in category ‘Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia’.
2019 Finalist at `European Excellence Awards 2019’ in category ‘Government Agencies & Parties’.
2019 Winner of `IPRA Golden World Awards (GWA) 2019` in nomination ‘Integration of traditional and new media’.
2019 Finalist at `IPRA Golden World Awards (GWA) 2019’ in category ‘influencer management’.
2018 Winner of ‘Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards 2018’ in nomination ‘Social projects’.
2018 Winner of `European Excellence Awards 2018` in nomination ‘Change communications’.
2018 Winner of `IPRA Golden World Awards (GWA) 2018` in nomination of agencies working with the public sector.
2018 Bronze at ‘Mi:t&links. Baltic Communication Awards 2018’ in the category ‘Digital Communications’.
2017 Finalist at 'Mi:t&links. Baltic Communication Awards 2017' in category ‘Public sector campaign’.
2016 Golds at `Baltic PR Awards 2016` as the best ‘public sector campaign’.
2016 Golds at `Baltic PR Awards 2016` as the best ‘social campaign’.
2011 Gold at `Baltic PR Awards 2011`.
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